"The universe knows what it's doing,
so don't develop a big ego, and don't be afraid."
- Benjamin Hoff

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Painting Preview!

Sitting silently with a friend
amongst the rolling r's and foreign flavors;
Eyes made heavy by these long endeavors
as the day comes to a slow, slow end.

No one here knows my beginning
nor do they sing of my demise;
But as these long held issues arise,
Their eyes reveal my world is spinning.

Out of control, and back into it again
The illusion must not reassume its role;
I am the freed one, alone and then
Nothing else could make me whole.

Just a little poem I scribbled in my sketchbook while I was in Italy, and a photo preview of some of my paintings from the trip! I'll be posting high quality versions of these all very soon :)

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